Tuesday, 6 October 2009


The latest release from the ground breaking series is here! Ear Infection Volume 7 has landed! Again, RICHIE DOES NOT FAIL TO DELIVER. NO SIR.

This one is a proper mix up of all things I like at the moment.. It has 1 or 2 more commercially based tracks, and a tech-trancer just thrown in to see what happens.. of course the rest is face melting bass; life is all about the face melting bass. I'm sure this one will blow your tits off.

Some of the artists that are featured in this mix are: Tiesto, Wolfgang Gartner, Avicii, Dada Life, Lee Mortimer & Soulwax

Prepare your ears and check this mother fucker for yourself:


And while that is download, would you mind going and having a look at my DJ profile for more information and mixes from me! Go here: http://www.esstige.co.uk/richieg.html

You can book me for your night as well, if you want to melt your guests faces off.. just drop me a line if ya dig.

And with that, I hope you enjoy Ear Infection Volume 7 and leave your feedback if you can be bothered!

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