Tuesday, 6 October 2009


This is the third instalment of a series of mixes I'm going to be uploading and letting you Electro fans download.

This volume has some new filth and some old filth. I discovered a few of my favourite tracks from back in the day and decided to throw them on this volume! Artists on this volume include: Calvertron, Jack Beats, Switch, and The MightyFools.

Special thanks to Darren McMahon for doing the cover for me because I've just got a new PC and haven't got my Photoshop back on yet.

Now enough of this chit chat.. here is the mix:


And while that is download, would you mind going and having a look at my DJ profile for more information and mixes from me! Go here: http://www.esstige.co.uk/richieg.html

And with that, I hope you enjoy Ear Infection Volume 3 and leave your feedback if you can be bothered!

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