Tuesday, 6 October 2009


The latest release from the ground breaking series is here! Ear Infection Volume 6 has landed! And as usual, I do not fail to deliver as this one is an absolute bomb!

My CDJs nearly burst into flames while mixing this one! Every tune is made of lava and will jab your nan right in the Liver. Some say if you listen to this mix you will eat your own hands. I'm typing with stumps.

Some of the artists that are featured in this mix are: Dirty Freek, Wolfgang Gartner, Twocker, Herve, Jack Beats, Tom EQ and AC Slater.

Prepare your ears and check this mother fucker for yourself:


And while that is download, would you mind going and having a look at my DJ profile for more information and mixes from me! Go here: http://www.esstige.co.uk/richieg.html

You can book me for your night as well, if you want to melt your guests faces off.. just drop me a line if ya dig.

And with that, I hope you enjoy Ear Infection Volume 6 and leave your feedback if you can be bothered!

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